Friday, March 21, 2014

Soups have arrived!!!

It seems that my main focus this month has been the Bead Soup Blog Party that is hosted by Lori Anderson on her Facebook group,!  The whole premise of the party is that Lori (who by the way, has tirelessly put this thing together through a debilitating, painful illness that she has been suffering with for some time now! Cudos to Lori!) pairs up all 500+ of the party goers with a partner. The idea is for the 2 partners to get to know each other a little & then each partner gathers up what would be her "best" focal, clasp & beads, along with stringing material & findings (if you're so inclined), while keeping in mind what your partners style is so that you can send her the opposite or at least something different then what she would be used to working with & package it all up purty & mail it off to her! I so love this idea!!! And apparently so do alot of other people. Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party's have become rather a big deal in the beading community & I am soooo thrilled to be a part of!

My partner is Leanne Loftus of! Leanne works for the school district in Central Pennsylvania as a Payroll/Human Resources Administrator.  She loves making jewelry & meeting others who love the same! She's a busy mother who makes sure that she makes the time for her creative outlets, jewelry design, knitting & scrapbooking. We didn't get a chance to talk too much but she's very prompt & generous as you can see in the soup that she sent me...

Psst! Don't tell Leanne but this is actually right up my alley! Gorgeous! I can smelling the broth simmering as we speak! And, here's the soup that I sent to Leanne:

All the fixins for a yummy soup!

Here's are the focals that I sent! I recently purchased the "Cosmic Ceramic" tutorial from Irish Mishley & Hilla Bushari (I think that's how it's spelled! Ugh!) and I've been having a little bit of fun with it! It's choc full of instruction, inspiration & lots of cool stuff. I've barely tapped into it yet!

I can't wait to get started putting my creations together & I'm super excited to see what Leanne's going to do with what I sent her!

So let me close by say once again, thank you so much to Lori Anderson of! I so appreciated all of your effort & am totally wishing you well!

Thanks so much for stopping by. Y'all come back now, ya here?!?