Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here Comes The Sun & I Say, It's Alright!

Hi everyone! The sun is shining & it's absolutely gorgeous outside here in Maryland!  I really can't tell you how happy that makes me!  This year winter has been way too long!  Ugh!  So today I'm listening to the Beatles Abby Road CD! I love the song "Here Comes The Sun"!  Here comes the sun & I say, it's alright!!!

Anyhow, this morning I decided to play catch up on my email! Oh, there's only about 2500 unread emails that I have been neglecting! I'm so happy that I did get to them today because I've got alot of information to share! Over at Lorelei's blog, Inside the Studio, http://lorelei1141.blogspot.com/, she's having a great book giveaway! The book is "Hand Crafted Wire Findings" by Denise Peck & Jane Dickerson. Get on over there & leave a comment!

Over at Love My Art Jewelry, Stacey L. Smith has written a very inspiring post & she also announced what was in store for the next Boot Camp! You really have to go & check it out!
Love My Art Jewelry: What is Next? Boot Camp: Fine Finishings !!!  I'm so excited because I'm always looking for tutorials, techniques & tips on jewelry design! I'm truly grateful to all of these lovely women designers for taking time out of there busy lives to write for Love My Art Jewelry and they all have there own websites and blogs as well! I'll tell ya, I've got alot to learn, particularly about time management!

And there's one more thing I wanted to remind y'all about. Don't forget about getting your daily dose of vitamin P! And what's vitamin P you say? Well, Pinterest of course! I know it's addicting! I know that there's sooo much awesomeness that you get overwhelmed because just one pin can have you on the computer for hours as it takes you to the source website or blog which will of course take you somewhere else, which will then lead you somewhere else & by that time you forgot what you started looking at in the first place? Whew! I have had times like that when I first got introduced to Pinterest! I could spend hours just soaking it all up! But, I have learned to limit my time on the site even though it's hard! Here's the link to my page, http://www.pinterest.com/leciaw63/, I've got awesome tutorials on my jewelry & polymer clay boards as well as my DIY, etc. Please check out the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party Board to see all of the awesome soups that all of the other participants exchanged!

Most of all have fun! I hope that you have a great day! Create something awesome!  Lecia